Robots + Bookstores= Love


Last weekend I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon drawing robot Valentine’s Day cards. So many wonderful people came in to look for books and commission little robot cards for their sweeties. I drew robots on horses, robots on runaway trains, singing robots, biking robots, robots who love the piano, and even a robot that was a cross between a wizard and a character from Jewish folklore. Really. You all had the coolest ideas, and it was beautiful to listen to you talk about your loved ones.


Thank you to Bombadil Books. I would like to just live in your book store, or at least “pop-up” there again soon. As always, if you have ideas for robot artwork, and want me to make that happen, get in touch with me here, via the contact link, or through Facebook. Nothing makes me happier than figuring out how to create a piece of art that makes someone smile. Thank you for the smiles last weekend. Best Valentine’s Day gift ever.




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