public speaking for artists

I spent 10 years in corporate learning. That means I know how to design classes for adults. And I like it. And I like art. That’s how my “Public Speaking for Artists” workshop came to life.

Some things we’ll talk about in this hour long workshop: How do I talk to other people about my art work/idea/design/etc? What do I say? Why does it matter? As a group we explore why we create artwork, and what we want others to know about what we’re creating. Spoiler alert: It turns out that we’ve all been scared at some point, about sharing the story of our work. Through activities with a partner, we try out different ways of communicating, with different types of people. How does pretending that you’re a 85 year-old retired railway worker help your partner explain why they paint? You’ll just have to come to the next workshop.

Not an artist? No problem. If you talk to people, you can get something tangible from this workshop.

Interested in having me come run this workshop for your group? Fantastic. I can modify the workshop to fit your group’s size and topic of interest. Contact me at