Valentine Pop-Up!


Look! I’m having a thing!

If you live in Grand Rapids and haven’t been to Bombadil Books at 315 S. Division, I recommend you get down there soon. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up running around Borders Books, waiting for my Dad to get off work or if bookstores have a certain magic to them, but whatever it is, I love a bookstore. I also love a local business, kind people, and peaceful spaces. Bombadil Books meets all of those requirements, which is why I’ll be spending my weekend there, February 5th and 6th, drawing robots.

I’m in the process of making Valentine’s cards right now, so I will have those for you on Friday night (6 to 9) and Saturday afternoon (12 to 6). I’m also going to be making cards, per your request. For example, maybe your friend loves puppies and pizza (because she is human, and has feelings) so you could give me 5 bucks, and I would draw a robot that expresses her love for those things, thereby expressing your love for her. Romantic love, friend love, family love, pet love, self-love–it’s all worth celebrating.

Valentine’s Day can be an annoying corporate mess if you buy into what’s being sold by most companies, but like all holidays, you are allowed to celebrate however you’d like. There is someone in your life who you love, and someone who loves you. It might not be a mushy kind of smoochy love, but who gives a crap. Love is good, and if you need a card that just reminds you or your friend how much you should be crushin’ on yourselves, then I got you.

I’ll have some non-Valentine’s cards for sale from shows past, a handful of zines, and it’s always a possibilities that I will have one or two stuffed robots hiding in my bag, if you need a snuggle buddy.

Can’t wait to see you.


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