How to find robots in 3 easy steps

Hi robot pals! I have three things that I need to tell you about:

  1. Live Coverage at the UICA: March 11, 7-11pm.
    This is a great opportunity to watch some local artists (like me!) create cool things right before your eyes. And then you can buy them! Proceeds go to the UICA, and the delicious food and drink at the event go into your mouth. Win/win. 25 bucks, or 10 bucks if you’re a UICA member. I’m making wooden robots with paintings on their chests that can also serve as drawing boards or notepads. Or dolls. I have been carrying them around like dolls, but that’s because I’m a crazy robot lady.20160302_121223_HDR
  2. Robot takeover at Bombadil Books: March 19, 12-6pm
    My lovely friends over at Bombadil Books are going to be out of town, so I’m taking over their shop for the day. Come visit, buy some books and pick out your favorite robot print, card or zine. This would be a great time to come chat with me about custom work! I desperately want to paint robots all over a wall in a kid’s bedroom…just an idea 🙂20160306_161646_HDR-2-2
  3. I love pop-up shops.  I’ve had so much fun setting up my little robot making station at Bombadil Books, so I’m making it my goal this spring to find more places to make that happen. The internet is fine for selling things, but it’s so much more rewarding to get to meet people and talk about what they want. The look on your faces when you see a robot that fits your specific little request (“I want two robots who are in love and meowing at each other” is a personal favorite) is delightful. If you’re a shop owner in the Midwest (please, give me a reason to come to Chicago!) let’s chat! If you have ideas and want to share them with me, I would greatly appreciate it. More robots!


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