Things I Drew in July


Lake Michigan and seagulls and toes because new projects shake me up (in a good way).

I’m trying something new over here in robot land….like not drawing robots for  a bit. I need to step away from the little guys sometimes, to recharge, and try new things, and to make sure I don’t get stuck in a rut. The robot art has never been about making money, which is nice. I don’t need to worry about my brand, or going off-brand, or confusing you, as my friends and supporters with what I make. I have a 9 to 5 job, working in an HR department, with rules and timelines and brand identities to adhere to, for that. So here’s one thing I’ve been working on: A project I’m calling This Is Your Face That I Love. I’m interested in how we look at our own faces and our friends’ faces and strangers’ faces. The lines and shadows that I look for when I’m drawing a person aren’t necessarily there, if you think about it. I look at the distance from your nose to your mouth, to make sure that looks right, but there is no line there. A shadow that exists when I look at the space between your ear and your eye moves and changes when you do, and is never exactly “there” again. This is just the beginning of a project, and it’s more of an idea with a few sketches. I included a few other sketches, which I’ve been doing to try to get myself out of my normal routine of drawing boxes. Plants and animals and people don’t really have straight lines, and it’s a good challenge to practice those weird, unpredictable, ever changing lines and shapes.

Thanks for looking and sticking around for the non-robot things 🙂

LaurenCharlotteMe and a seagullJamietiaPlant print Plant Print2