Thank you, robot lovers.


Photo credit: my Dad. Yes, my eyes are closed.

Last Friday, December 4th, I had my first gallery show. I’ve shown work before, but this was the largest body of work in a space that I had all to myself. Guess what? It was awesome! I had the best time. So many good friends came (I. Love. You.), my family showed up in waves (surprise Grandma visit?!) and I got to meet some new, amazing people (hello pregnant lady buying art for her robot-themed nursery!). You bought art, you asked me about robots, you listened and told me stories. Artists of all ages colored robot coloring sheets, which I will be posting soon. I especially loved the little kids who initialed their work. Very professional.

I’ve been reflecting on the experience since we took the show down Saturday night, and as simple as it might sound, I just feel grateful. I’m thankful for the people who helped me, and taught me new things (I kind of know how to stretch canvas now!) and lent a hand and told me that everything was going to work out. It did! How crazy is that!?

While I’m wildly grateful for those who helped me out and supported the show with your robot-y purchases, I’m also quite grateful for the robots themselves. I stopped creating art a few years ago, and all of this painting and drawing and wanting to share what I’ve done is a relatively recent thing. I’ve made some big life changes in the last year, and while it’s been hard, the rewards have been magical. As I started to rebuild myself and figure out what I needed, the robots kind of crept back out from the sketchbooks and boxes I’d hid them in for the previous few years. Letting myself have a creative practice again was a sign to myself that things were heading in the right direction.

So thank you, for supporting my art, or me, or both. I feel all the love right now and I can’t wait to see what’s next.



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