Daily Robot Shop: An art show


On December 4th, Friday night, 6 to 9, I’ll be turning Craft House into a pop-up Daily Robot Shop. I’ll have more updates as the date draws closer, but I can tell you that there will be art of every shape, size and price, and I can tell you that I’m wildly excited about it.

If you’ve been to a show at Craft House, you know it’s just the sweetest little gallery space on South Division in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since this is also December’s First Friday, businesses and galleries all around Craft House will be open for your wandering pleasure.If you haven’t been to a First Friday, this is a chance to explore this amazing community of artists and galleries and makers and dreamers.

For the next month and a half or so, most posts will explore what happens when I attempt to prepare for a show, making a mess with materials I’ve yet to work with, and generally opening my studio up to you. I promise to be super honest, even when it sucks. You should let me know what you think about it. It will be like a conversation, and that will be the best. It will make the robots better, too. Do it for the robots.

More to come.


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